Plate Shearing Machine

This equipment provides burr free rectilinear cuts. Manufactured in nodular cast iron and special steel sheets for long service life.

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The Menegotti Plate Cutting Shears are made with components made with a nodular cast iron base of own manufacturing. They are equipment which avoid physical wear of the operator and provide straight cuts without burrs.

Type Nº 3 Nº 4 Nº 5
Sheet Thickness 3 mm 4 mm 5 mm
Blade Length 230 mm 230 mm 290 mm
Cable Length 495 mm 495 mm 750 mm
Dimensions L x W x H 425 x 150 x 325 mm 365 x 155 x 290 mm 455 x 145 x 300 mm
Weight 23,5 kg 32,6 kg 16,5 kg
Blade Fixed Mobile
Dimensions L x W x H 281 x 9,53 mm 245 x 9,53 mm
Weight 1,057 kg 0,794 kg
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