Plate Compactor MPV 92

With a low consumption of approximately 1.4l/h it is the most economical of the category.

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The Menegotti Vibratory Plates are the best option for those seeking a highly resistant product with low maintenance cost. This high performance equipment reduces the impact transfer to the operator, leading to greater comfort, better performance and generation of economy. Ideal for compaction or adaptation of low depth for sandy, clayey or stony land, recommended for leveling paving, revamping asphalt and pavements. It has a water sprinkling system coupled to the cast iron base which reduces the dust caused by execution. A product with an excellent performance for compaction by adaptation. It also has a pad system which reduces the transmission of vibration to the operator.

Type MPV 92
Weight with Engine 92 kg
Dimension L x W x H 1100 x 500 x 830 mm
Base Dimension L x W 530 x 500 mm
Working Speed 20 until 25 m/min
Compacted Area 620 a 700 m2/h
Compaction Depth 35 cm
Impact Force 1800 kg
Vibration Frequency 5500 vpm
Engine Gasoline - 4 Stroke - Air Cooling Honda 5,5 hp - 3600 rpm
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