Plastering Machine MPA 150

Higher cost benefit.

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The Projection Line equipment attain extremely high levels of productivity compared with the traditional method improving the cost x benefit ration of their investment a lot, with greater operating speed and less waste of material. They produce a more compact mortar, with a reduced level of cavities due to greater adherence to the surfaces and uniformity in the application through an adjustable flow system and suitable adjustment of the mixture. It projects traditional, industrialized, self-sticking plaster and mortar through specific projection shafts for each type of work: filling, viscous material, finishing plaster and traditional plaster. It has a structure made of coated steel with electrostatic paint highly resistant to bad weather, and automated activation panel, protection system for motors, a pressure gauge for monitoring of pumping, solid rubber wheels and brake. It projects up to 30l/minute at a distance of 20m vertically and 40m horizontally.

Type MPA 150
Mixing Capacity 150 liters
Weight 258 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 1150 x 730 x 1450 mm
Maximum Theoretical Pressure 30 bar
Fixed Theoretical Flow 30* l/min
Transporting Distance 20 vertical • 40 horizontal
Frane Made of Steel • Painted in powder paint
Wheels Rubber - front Brake System
Engine 2635 x 2762 x 2043 mm
Engine Three Phase • 220 or 380 V • 50 Hz
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