About Us

About Us

Menegotti Construction Machinery is a brand of the Menegotti Group responsible for the production and sale of machinery and equipment.

Quality reference in the Construction market, Menegotti is the national leader in sale of concrete mixers.

Recognized for developing a complete product mix, it has portfolio product segmented into Prime Line (economic works) and Pro Line (professional works).

Throughout its history, the Menegotti brand has gained an outstanding position for doing business in an ethical and serious manner. With a culture of participative management, the company manages to engage the team creating a positive atmosphere, which transformed into internationally acknowledged quality.

Performance in the Market

From the strategic management and competences acquired throughout its history, Menegotti performs in a diversified manner, always maintaining balance and safety regarding the various scenarios, which the market presents. The main markets of performance are as follows: Builders, Lessors, Resales and Home Centers.

Currently the company serves more than 8 thousand different customers per year. For this, it has a structure prepared to provide the best service possible. Menegotti has an excellent team of sales representatives operating nationwide, supported by regional sales managers, after sales and sales staff. Thus ensuring a fast and effective service.

In addition, Menegotti offers its consumers and clients the largest Technical Assistance Network in Brazil, with service in all Brazilian states.

Business Features

  • Guide our actions by customer expectations;
  • Have a winning attitude and challenging objectives;
  • Strongly seek results;
  • Value the human being;
  • Be ethical;
  • Innovation in products, technologies and solutions;
  • Grow sustainably.

Foreign Market

Menegotti entered the foreign market in 1974, the year in which it made its first exportation. At the time, it already had wide experience in international relations by partnerships established and by importing process machines and equipment.

Currently, the company has distributors in more than 40 countries in the world, mainly in South America, North America and Africa. Menegotti exports on average 20% of the production, the concrete mixers representing the product most sold abroad.

With expansions plans the company inaugurated its first international unit, Menegotti North America, located in Atlanta in the United States, an action that took Menegotti to a multinational level.


From conceiving the project until delivery to the customer, Menegotti has logistics aligned with mobility. Thus, it develops disassemblable and interchangeable products which contribute not only with transportation, but also with stocking ate the customer.

Manufacturing Capacity

Menegotti has become an increasingly productive and modern company, serving the customer in the shortest time and with world class quality levels.


The powder paint adopted since 2006 allows us to offer high resistance through an electrostatic process. The powder adheres to the parts ensuring protection for much longer. The part undergoes heating and the powder particles melt forming a uniform plastic skin. An ideal solution for protecting metallic surfaces, among other applications.



It is a process based upon AWS specific international standards, ensuring durability and resistance in aggressive environments. In 2012 the company invested in new robots to improve the quality of the welding in the Menegotti products.


The flexibility of the assembly line allows speedy delivery and facility in composing the product load. With well adjusted and calibrated devices and templates, the Menegotti products are assembled in a standardized manner.

In the case of concrete mixers, the company currently can 4,000 concrete mixers per month, the largest in the domestic market. When we talk about lifting products (winches, mini cranes, rocker) we can produce  up to 150 items of each product / month.

Engineering and Quality Control

Menegotti has an intellectual capital formed by a team of engineers and technicians prepared to perform and apply the modern technological resources made available for Engineering. With emphasis on innovation, trends and improvement of products, always synthesized with the market and in search of new technologies.

In its manufacturing facilities, modern quality control structure, including laboratories, instruments, control systems and highly trained and effective personnel. Strict control of the process in all its stages, from the raw materials used to the final product, allows it to reach quality levels compatible with the most demanding markets.

Equipment and technologies for quality control are one of the great differentials of Menegotti, as the search for excellence in what it does and the responsibility of producing safety items for demanding markets bring with it the need for constant investments in technologies and qualifications in control of products and processes.

Among the quality control resources used the following stand out:

  • Complete laboratory for analyzing sand
  • Laboratory for analyzing receipt of product resources and raw materials
  • Laboratory for mechanical tests (including hardness and traction)
  • Laboratory for dimensional analysis (including computerized three dimensions)

Technical Qualification

Inaugurated on May 28, 2010, the CTM – Menegotti Technical Center is an exclusive space for theoretical and practical training of the Menegotti product lines. The CTM has a large environment and the availability of several items of equipment (machines and tools), besides professionals qualified for executing the training. The courses offered are divided into levels which range from basic to advanced. They are given monthly in the headquarters of CTM, in Jaraguá do Sul/SC, and in other localities in accordance with the timescale.

To register you need to contact Menegotti after Sales. The main objective of the course is a practical approach to maintenance of Menegotti products. Thus, the presentation of training equipment will be through demonstration of preventive and corrective maintenance in a theoretical and practical way, and assembly and disassembly of products.

In order to be closer to ours customers, Menegotti has started a training program on operation, maintenance and regulation of its equipment, on CTM “Ensina” = the same as “Teach”, a channel on YouTube. The training is about branded equipment, where subscribers have the opportunity to learn how to maintain the machines correctly, extending their useful life. Click here to check out Menegotti’s exclusive technical training.


Be the leader in Latin America in supplying light machines and equipment for building.


Supply in a sustainable (1) manner products and services for building with the commitment of increasing the productivity, safety and profitability (2) of our customers.

(1) Balance between economic, environmental and social divisions.

(2) Focus on product development.